Our balanced packages make your choice of sandwich platters or buffet components easy.  In addition, we offer a variety of gourmet salads, refreshments, breakfast and pastry options and freshly pressed coffee

Do you need a custom package?  Give us a call 604.623.2228 and we'll be happy to create the package that best suits your requirement.

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THE WEST COAST CLUB           8.50
Roasted turkey breast, smoked bacon, cheddar, paprika alioli, avocados, tomatoes on lightly toasted


THE CHRIS.P BACON.                            8.50
Strips of apple smoked bacon, mix greens, fresh tomatoes, and mayonnaise on lightly toasted sourdough


CUBANO.                                                  8.50
Roasted mojo pork loin, sliced smoked fresh ham, pickles, yellow mustard, Swiss cheese on a pressed 
Submarine loaf


CHICKEN PANINI.                                    8.50
Pulled roasted chicken breast, mozzarella cheese, Caramelized sweet onions and avocado alioli on 
focaccia bread


THE FARMERS MARKET.                       8.50
Roasted red peppers, egg plant, zucchini,  cauliflower,aged white cheddar, tomato chutney feta spread on 
Ciabatta and grilled


HAM AND CHEESE PANINI.                  8.50
Smoked  Ham. Tomatoes, Fresh mixed greens, Tomatoes, Monterey Jack cheese, Mustard, Paprika Alioli.


CHICKEN  BURRITOS.                              6.50
Pita stuffed with Roasted chicken, pinto beans tomato chucks and red onion in.Tantalizing tzatziki sauce


EMPANADAS                                             6.50
Stuffed Filo pastry with minced chicken, vegetables, spices and Shredded Mozzarella


CEASAR SALAD.                                                                   6.00
Fresh Romaine, In house Caesar dressing, Grated parmesan, Croutons

CHICKADO SALAD.                                                              6.00
Organic chickpeas, avocados, chopped cilantro, feta cheese, Lemon vinaigrette

WEST COAST SALAD.                                                           6.00
Fresh mix greens tossed in mild balsamic vinaigrette with chopped walnuts, grape tomatoes, dried 
cranberries and shredded Parmesan cheese




SAMOSA.                                    2.00
SPANAKOPITA.                         3.00



Fresh house made soups Small                   4.00
Fresh house made soups Large                   7.00


BAKED FETTUCINE ALFREDO W/ CHICKEN.                        8.50
Slow roasted Chicken and Fettucine cooked in house made alfredo sauce and baked with mozzarella cheese.


BAKED CHICKEN PENNE PRIMAVERA.                                   8.50

Chicken and Penne cooked in tomato sauce with zucchini, broccoli, carrots and peppers


Freshly made butter chicken curry with flavored rice and green salad


House made Thai curry with flavored rice and green salad



Grilled Ham and cheese, cookie and juice box      6.50


Coffee/Tea      1.45

CHAI LATTE      2.50

Espresso      2.50
De-café      2.50


To enquire about catering please email: Info@scentofasandwich.com

Please give 48 hours notice before time of delivery for all orders.

All invoices unpaid after 30 days are subject to 10% interest fee.  An additional 5% after each 30 days thereafter

Interested in our catering packages?

We will gladly provide a consultation over the phone when you call 604.623.2228 or you can send us your request using our contact form.

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